Virtual Shareholder Meeting Services

Our virtual shareholder meeting services provide public and private companies the ability to host a successful annual shareholder meeting with all the tools a company will need to manage attendees, chat, Q&A, shareholder voting and more.

Companies have been voicing concerns on the effectiveness of virtual meetings but with recommended best practices and a good software platform and technology from TTP Transfer Services, companies will likely continue to migrate to a virtual-only or hybrid approach.

  • Cost savings: A lot goes into planning a physical shareholder meeting with unexpected costs. Save on travel, event, refreshment costs, and more.
  • Saves time: Travel and meeting planning is time-consuming and stressful. Hosting your meeting online can help ease the stress but still deliver value to your shareholders.
  • Efficiency and increased participation: In-person meetings may not allow some shareholders to participate due to travel, health or personal limitations. With virtual meetings, all of your shareholders can participate from anywhere, companies can expect an increased efficiency and higher participation percentage.
  • Advance Preparation: Virtual meetings allow shareholders to submit private comments with moderation options which enable companies to manage the meeting how they would like.
  • Tech-oriented approach: Shareholders want to see and hear from the company they are invested without the extra hassle. Virtual meetings are a subtle way to show shareholders that you are willing to cater to their needs.

Virtual Meeting Platform Specifications

We ensure our virtual meeting services integrated into our shareholder proxy voting portal will provide you the best option for success. You can always do a hybrid by switching modes during the meeting as follows:

  • Presentation: Only presenters are allowed to talk. Participants listen and can chat privately with presenters.
  • Q&A: Only presenters can talk. Participants can ask for permission to speak.
  • Discussion: Up to 25 participants can talk at the same time. Others listen.

Here is a full list of specs:

  • 500 attendees in-meeting room. Meeting room attendees are based on a first come, first serve basis and can join by phone or computer through registration form.
  • Unlimited attendees through private link (optional add-on)
  • Up to 50 company presenters including moderators
  • Share Screen, White Board, Test & Surveys
  • Event registration with data download post meeting
  • Custom agenda
  • Post-meeting attendee report available
  • Broadcast live to Facebook, Vimeo or Youtube.
  • Call to action features
  • Analytical Reports
  • Full HD compatibility
  • Export attendee meeting data collected at registration into Excel
  • Virtual meeting invitation links posted on proxy voting portal
  • Inspector of Elections and tabulation during the meeting