Transfer Agent Services

TTP Transfer Services is an SEC registered stock transfer agent that provides online cap table tracking since 1987. As you may know, a good transfer agent is invaluable in creating and maintaining a positive relationship with your shareholders. With the ever-increasing burdens upon corporate executives to adhere to tightening regulations, it is also imperative that your transfer agent is knowledgeable and capable of helping ease those burdens. TTP Transfer Services has been a reliable and successful stock transfer agency, registered in good standing with the Securities and Exchange Commission since its opening in 1987. Our transfer agent services include:

  • Corporate actions: Our corporate action experts can help you process your merger and acquisitions, stock splits, name changes, spin-offs and divestitures, private placements, initial public offerings, and more.
  • DTC FAST, DWAC & DRS agent: Colonial is an approved DTC FAST/DRS participant, ready to process your DWAC and DRS transactions.
  • Dividend paying agent: Our expert team can help you with your cash or stock distributions. For a typical dividend, Colonial issues check or stock payments to each shareholder, integrates with brokers and DTC, and provides 1099, escheatment, and withholding reporting.
  • Electronic or paper certificate issuances: Take advantage of our paperless share issue and book-entry recordkeeping. Shareholders don't have to worry about losing physical stock certificates or paying for courier fees; their stock is delivered with a click of a mouse.
  • Escrow services: Whether it's a private transaction between two shareholders or a corporate activity, Colonial can assist you by providing the security and privacy your escrow transaction requires.
  • Lost shareholder searches: Colonial tracks and searches lost shareholders as defined in SEC Rule 17AD-2.
  • Mailings: We provide financial printing and mailing services for your shareholder letters, news releases, or proxy documents to both registered and beneficial "street" holders.
  • Proxy meetings: A dedicated representative will manage your proxy from start to finish, providing a timeline of events and execution of such timeline.
  • Online and custom reporting: Reports can be generated from your online account or in electronic delivery formats. We provide shareholder lists, percentage reports, restricted vs free trading reports, transfer reports, control logs, mailing labels and custom reports of any kind.
  • Shareholder accounting and transactional recordkeeping: Colonial maintains shareholder records by maintaining stock classes, providing certificate history and account information for inquiring shareholders, updating shareholder contact information, and providing full shareholder, broker, and regulatory support.
  • Shareholder support: Our customer service team is ready to provide expert advice by phone, email, fax, postal mail or in person.
  • Stock certificate printing: Our stock certificate printing services include logo integration, holographic security foil inclusion, 30 border choices and 33 color choices.
  • Stock transfers: As a full service stock transfer agent, we perform stock transfers, issuances, restriction removals, warrant offerings, debt conversions and more. Most items are processed within 24 hours.