Stock Transfer Guide

Shareholders can refer to our Stock Transfer Guide for information regarding various stock transfer scenarios such as ownership changes, decedent owner transfers, and restriction removals.

Shareholders who submit transfer requests directly to Colonial (rather than through their broker) should send the following items with their original stock certificate:

1. Transfer Instruction Letter: Please send in our Transfer Instruction Letter when completing a transfer. Please complete all sections (A-G).

  • Section A - Certificates To Be Transferred: Include the current owners name (exactly as listed on the stock certificate), Tax Identification Number, and the certificate information.
  • Section B - New Registration: Include names, addresses, and Tax Identification Number for all individuals receiving shares and the share amounts they will receive. See our FAQ page to learn about what shareholder information is required to issue stock.
  • Section C - Signatures: Sign the transfer instruction letter whether you are transferring to another party or not. If you are transferring the shares to parties or names other than those listed on the stock certificates, please obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee. See Also: Medallion Signature Guarantees
  • Section D - Substitute W-9 Form: This section should be signed by each new owner to avoid backup withholding on any future payments made to the owner.
  • Section E - Cost Basis Information: This section is used to report cost basis information to Colonial pursuant to the IRS cost basis reporting regulations effected on January 1, 2011.
  • Section F - Shipping Information: We strongly recommend that you send your stock certificates to and from Colonial via courier service (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.). Our Fed Ex courier shipping fees can be found in our Transfer Instruction Letter. If you wish to ship using UPS or an alternate courier please disclose your account number. For international shipments, please contact us for pricing. Please ensure that you include a valid shipping address (couriers do not deliver to P.O. boxes). Please note that Colonial will not be responsible for certificates that are lost in the mail and additional replacement fees may be incurred.
  • Section G - Fees: The fees for transfer are listed in this section. Please include a payment of the applicable fees with your transfer.

2. Payment: Include a check payable to TTP Transfer Services for the amount of services due. The applicable fees for the type of transfer you are doing can be found in Section G of the Transfer Instruction Letter.

3. Ownership Changes: If you are changing ownership or transferring shares to another party, please complete sections A, B, and C of the Transfer Instruction Letter (TIL). The TIL must be properly signed by the authorized shareholder/s using a Medallion Signature Guarantee.

Please follow the instructions below when transferring from the following entities:

  • Broker Custodians: If the certificate is registered in a broker custodian account name, the broker custodian will need to send in a medallion guaranteed stock power, signed by the broker, to transfer ownership back to the beneficiary.
  • Business Entities: If the certificate is being transferred from a business entity, such as a corporation, partnership or LLC, please include a copy of the Corporate Resolution, Partnership Agreement or LLC Certification, which indicates who the authorized signatories are for that entity.
  • Trusts: If the certificate is being transferred to or from a trust, please see our FAQ page for instructions.

4. Decedent Owner Forms: For transfers from a deceased shareholder, see our FAQ page for instructions on different scenarios.

5. Restriction Removal Forms: For transfers involving restricted legend removals please see our removing restrictions page for specific instructions.

Colonial usually takes 1 - 3 business days to process your request and return your certificates. Rush requests are processed on the same day that the transfer request is received for an additional $50.00.