Shareholder Services

TTP Transfer Services is the transfer agent for hundreds of private and public companies worldwide and maintains the shareholder records for each respective company. Colonial provides shareholder services to help investors manage their ownership, complete stock transfers and restriction removals, replace lost stock certificates, and vote their proxies online. Additionally, Colonial distributes shareholder letters, dividend and merger payouts, and proxy meeting materials to shareholders.

Stock Transfer Guide

Our stock transfer guide provides comprehensive step by step instructions for transferring your securities. You can learn what documents you need to submit for ownership changes, decedent owner transfers, restriction removals and more. Learn More

Restriction Removals

Whether you are removing a restriction through Rule 144 or a registration statement, Colonial can guide you through the latest forms, information and procedures. Learn More

Lost Stock Certificates

If you lost your stock certificate, you can obtain a replacement by first reporting the loss to Colonial. Follow the steps and information listed to obtain a replacement. You can also learn more about mail losses and procedures when finding a lost certificate. Learn More

Internet Proxy Voting Instructions

Most issuers hold an annual shareholder meeting to present current results for the company and provide shareholders the opportunity to vote on directors and other proposals. For companies that use Colonial as their transfer agent, shareholders can view materials and vote their shares online using Colonial's website. Learn More