Proxy & Shareholder Meeting Services

As each shareholder meeting has its own unique challenges, it is important to team up with a proxy agent that has the necessary expertise to operate a successful shareholder meeting. Colonial Stock is able to provide you and your shareholders with the technology, tools, and professional support, while keeping you in regulatory compliance. Whether you are sending full-sets or the notice-only for your annual meeting, our dedicated account representative will guide you through the entire process:

  • Meeting Planning: Through a free consultation and cost analysis of prior meetings, we will design a timeline that meets your needs.
  • Broker Search and Distribution: We will send out search cards to DTC and all proxy institutions similar to Broadridge.
  • Integration with Broadridge & Brokers: We will set up your meeting, print materials for beneficial shareholders, ship to brokers and tabulate their votes.
  • Edgar Filing: We can perform the Edgar Filing of your proxy statement and notices.
  • Document Preparation: Whether your document needs to be converted into HTML or PDF, we will help you prepare it.
  • Printing & Mailing: We can typeset, print and mail your documents to shareholders.
  • Notice and Access Web Hosting: A compliant webpage will be designed specifically for your company which allows Broadridge to enable electronic delivery, likely reducing printing costs.
  • Hard Copy Fulfillments: Shareholders may request paper materials at no expense per Notice and Access rules. We can provide that service including document storage, and print-on-demand services.
  • Internet Voting: Shareholders can vote electronically on our secure real time internet and toll-free telephone voting system.
  • Tabulation: We tabulate votes of both registered and beneficial holders into one master report.
  • Voting Reports: Detailed voted and unvoted statistical reports can be emailed on a scheduled basis.
  • Additional Solicitation: Mailing of additional materials and notices to selected groups by share ownership.
  • Inspector of Elections: To help coordinate the success of your meeting, we can send an inspector of elections to oversee it.
  • Professional Proxy Solicitation Services: Our partners offer guidance to public issuers in the areas of Corporate Governance, Shareholder Activism, Executive Compensation Analysis, M&A and Proxy Solicitation.

Notice and Access Services

As of January 1, 2009, issuers have been required to post proxy and annual meeting materials on a compliant website and provide notice to shareholders of the electronic availability of those materials. Our Notice and Access proxy services allow you to significantly lower paper and postage costs, and thus better focus on your shareholder meeting and voting targets. Learn More

Internet Proxy Voting Instructions

Shareholders can learn how to view proxy materials and vote their shares online using TTP Transfer Services's secure web portal. Learn More

Proxy Meeting Procedures and Preparation

When the Issuer notifies TTP Transfer Services of its intention to hold a shareholder meeting, Colonial will send the Shareholder Meeting Information Form to the Issuer outlining the procedures to implement the proxy. This form will give Colonial the necessary information to initiate the broker search and begin the process. A timeline with detailed step-by-step instructions are included. Learn More