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Our financial press release services are perfect for publicly-traded companies wanting to comply with SEC fair disclosure rules that can reach top financial sites, investors, analysts, and search engines.

TTP Transfer Services and Globenewswire have reached an agreement whereby Globenewswire will provide press release services through a joint venture partnership at discounted rates exclusive to Colonial's customers.

Full Service Option:

  • 20% discount for TTP Transfer Services clients on domestic releases (15% for international)
  • Best for releases with tables and charts
  • Includes full editorial review
  • Meets SEC fair disclosure rules
  • Able to target specific regions (i.e. city, state, international, etc.)

DIY Financial Direct Service Option:

  • $195 flat rate
  • Unlimited word count
  • National financial hotspot and major financial distribution channels including those below.
  • Meets SEC fair disclosure rules
  • Streamline the release process and reduce costs
  • Bypass editorial intervention

To sign up for the exclusive discounts, contact a sales representative.

Press Release Distribution Channels

Financial press release services for public companies