Consultation Services

Colonial offers consultation and guidance services on a per-hour basis for 15c-211 applications, DTC eligibility and FAST eligibility applications, IPO/SPOs, PPMs, corporate actions, stock exchange applications, shell company networking and more.

15c2-11 Submissions

Issuers seeking to trade in the stock market can have a broker dealer file Form 211 to FINRA on their behalf. This will allow broker dealers to initiate trading quotes under Rule 15c2-11. Learn More

Cusip Applications

Companies who go public or perform a corporate action need a cusip number for the markets to properly recognize their securities. There is an application process involved in obtaining one. Learn More

DTC Eligibility Services

Once a corporation has received approval to trade, the company can apply to become DTC eligible. DTC eligibility allows issuers to have its shares trade electronically between brokerage accounts without having to manually submit each stock transfer into the transfer agent. Learn More

Stock Exchange Applications

There are multiple stock exchanges in the U.S. with different requirements and benefits to help your company attain liquidity. To learn more about these options, please click on the link to the right. Learn More

Shell Company Networking

If you are a shell company looking for a private company to merge with or are a private company looking to go public, we have contacts to make that happen. We work with promoters, investment bankers, and various private and public companies.