Blue Sky Compliance Services

States each have their own respective securities laws, which are typically referred to as "Blue Sky Laws". These laws are designed to reduce any fraudulent sales practices or activities, for the protection of both investors and issuers. Most states require that every security be registered or exempt from registration in that state before it is eligible to be offered or sold to state residents. These laws also allow brokerage firms, their respective brokers, and any investment adviser representatives to be licensed.

Compliance with Blue Sky laws will enhance trading volume and marketability. National broker dealer firms like Smith Barney, Raymond James and Merrill Lynch will not trade in securities that are not Blue Sky’d. All 50 states require annual regulatory compliance, we can provide exemptions for nearly 75% and we can prepare documents to file in the states where exemptions don’t apply.

Our full service Blue Sky filings are made for the companies, funds, other entities and attorneys looking to assist companies with their state securities compliance needs.

Our services include:

Private Offerings:

Public Offerings:

  • Initial Public Offerings (S-1, etc.)
  • Regulation A Tier 1 (all states and U.S. territories)
  • Regulation A Tier 2 (State registration is preempted except in these circumstances below)
    • "Issuer-Dealer" Registration is required for issuers involved in selling the securities themselves in FL, NJ, NY, TX,
    • Agent Registration is required for any officer or director undertaking selling efforts in WA.

Secondary Trading: Exemption research and states filing services

Fund Annual Maintenance: Annual Blue Sky filings and updates